The Maritime environment increases the demands placed on equipment.  Our load carriage solutions need to provide floatation and life support without impeding the user in their role.

    C2R have created Maritime centric products, optimised for both over water and subsurface use, providing passive or active floatation or a combination of the two.

    The vast range of challenges dictate that equipment must be flexible enough to allow configurability to be optimised for any eventuality.

    C2R uses intelligent design to fuse textiles which prioritise strength, weight reduction and durability to ensure that our products continue to provide the type of service life our customers expect.

    The C2R collaborative approach to product development delivers a solution with unparalleled user comfort for prolonged periods, while remaining low profile to provide maximum adaptability.

    C2R is proud to deliver truly innovative and versatile load carriage solutions for the world’s most elite specialist military and law enforcement professionals.

    System Overview

    MBAV incorporates a specialised combination of personal flotation, using both passive and active buoyancy. The buoyancy provides sufficient lift to keep a fully-equipped assaulter safe and as stable as possible in the water. The design offers a clean front profile with a low bulk, to enable climbers to maintain a more efficient, dynamic climbing position during vertical access phases of an operation.

    MBAV has been manufactured to remove stresses within the fabric, which means the system is robust enough to thrive in the field, and function successfully time and time again.

    This is another C2R trademark – future proofing every part of each system, utilising the right materials and fittings to exceed the brief, thereby reducing the cost of ownership for the life of the product.



    MRIS – Marine Raider Inflation System is a tactical aid to flotation module. Uniquely activated by a single pull, located centrally, the MRIS inflates kidney shaped bladders to left and right of the wearer giving 150N of buoyancy. MRIS stows in behind the front plate bag, and can quickly be removed during littoral operations and cached. MRIS is compatible with C2R MBAV, CBAV and other plate carriers.

    zip-on back-day sack


    C2R Zip-On Back Panels and packs utilise a combination of zips and shoulder loops to allow task specific panels to be worn. Example Zip-On Panels are available for MOE, EMOE, Assaulter and Special custom panels.

    Multicam Shooter Belt


    An uncompromising assaulter’s platform designed for high end CQB use by some of the finest shooters on the planet. Rigid and Robust the belt has passed external testing at BSEN 358. Designed and manufactured here in Hereford and in use around the globe with some of the worlds premier assault forces. Available in: Multicam, Coyote Tan, Ranger Green, Black, Blue and Wolf Grey.

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