The URBAN environment presents unique operating challenges for the user.

    From covert through to maritime and aviation, the scope of operational profiles that can be utilised during Urban operations is vast. Which means the versatility required from our equipment must be virtually infinite.

    These challenges dictate that equipment must be flexible enough to allow configurability to be optimised for any eventuality. This instant adaptability often happens anywhere, almost at the point of deployment, even if that means the back of the car.

    C2R uses intelligent design to fuse textiles that prioritise strength, durability and weight reduction. Additionally, we ensure that our gear can be reconfigured quickly, on the fly, to allow the user to take advantage of any opportunity to gain a tactical advantage.

    The C2R collaborative approach to product development delivers a solution with unparalleled user comfort, while remaining low profile to provide maximum adaptability.

    C2R is proud to deliver truly innovative and versatile load carriage solutions for the world’s most elite specialist military and law enforcement professionals.

    System Overview

    Complemented by C2R gun belts and shooter belts, CT SFOs, ARV and SFO teams can take on the challenges of urban high stakes policing, safe in the knowledge they are highly protected.

    C2R has designed specialist body armour systems for tactical police units around the world.  Each specialist law enforcement group has taken advantage of our offer to tailor a system to meet and exceed their own specific requirements.

    Our reputation is forged from our methodology; C2R designs systems with the frontline end user in mind.  We choose fabrics for tactical advantage – strength and versatility. All reinforced with high volume space meshes to keep thermal burden as low as possible.

    The law enforcement carriers are also compatible with all the C2R cummerbund systems and add-on modules, such as MRIS flotation for use on fast boats.

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