The Air domain creates its own set of unique challenges. The range of complexities of operating in the air domain dictate that equipment must be flexible enough to allow configurability to be optimised for any eventuality.

    Whether you need a suitably compliant system for use on fixed wing or rotary aircraft, or equipment configured for parachute operations, C2R systems can be configured for any specialisation

    C2R uses intelligent design to fuse textiles which prioritise strength, durability, weight reduction and fire retardation. Additionally, we ensure that our gear can be reconfigured quickly to ensure that the equipment can be configured depending on the role of the user.

    The C2R collaborative approach to product development delivers a solution with unparalleled user comfort, while remaining low profile to provide maximum adaptability.

    C2R is proud to deliver truly innovative and versatile load carriage solutions for the world’s most elite specialist military and law enforcement professionals.

    System Overview

    C2R worked closely with experienced aircrew to develop the Vortex – a best in class body armour carrier, specifically for pilots and crewmen.

    Vortex is lightweight and slim in form, while still providing high body coverage and PALS area to carry the standard array of equipment pouches, flotation devices and strongpoints.

    Our design prioritised reduced snag hazard and increasing movement within load-bays, and in pilot seats. In addition, integrating quick-detach harnesses increases safety, reflecting the need for security without restriction.

    Vortex includes a number of features that allow wearers to quickly convert the carrier into a more aggressive stance with magazine placards and similar equipment.

    Already in service with elite aircrew, the Vortex demonstrates C2R’s rare ability to create highly precise, role-specific systems that drastically improve mobility and safety, from first day deployment and beyond.



    CMAS is designed to operate across a variety of terrains and situations. Whist patrolling users will want the freedom of movement available by removing the front plate bag, yet retaining tactical readiness. CMAS Yoke allows fun integration of the 24hr assault pack, existing cummerbund set and front admin/triple magazine pouch.

    Vortex integral harness


    A five point body harness that integrates into the base Vortex carrier. Split shoulder format with high load buckles improves don and doff.

    Fortuna Jacket Green


    The C2R Fortuna Jacket has been designed to be light weight warm and compressible. Created for dismounted tactical use. It won’t add to your weight burden or take up a lot of space when stowed and it will keep you warm in cold weather. With 180gsm insulation, fleece lined collar and a DWR coating as well as multiple pockets including 2 mesh pockets to assist with drying damp items in the field. Designed in Hereford.

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