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    System Overview

    Marine teams currently use their existing plate carrier and rig systems with additional buoyancy vest positioned over the top. While safe and buoyant, this solution was also bulky, heavy and highly restrictive. This became a serious performance issue when the wearers are operating under extreme conditions, such as climbing assault ladders at sea. 

    C2R’s lightweight, smooth fronted vest is constructed from a perfectly balanced suite of materials that minimise weight and friction, while maintaining best-in-class protection and mobility. The rig and vest are also designed to be configured (and reconfigured) on the fly, using interchangeable module pouches and support mechanisms. 

    MBAV also incorporates a specialised combination of personal flotation, using both passive and active buoyancy. The buoyancy provides sufficient lift to keep a fully-equipped assaulter safe and as stable as possible in the water. The design offers a clean front profile, with a low bulk to enable climbers to maintain a more efficient, dynamic climbing position during vertical access phases of an operation.

    MBAV has been manufactured to remove stresses within the fabric, which means the system is robust enough to thrive in the field, and function successfully time and time again.

    This is another C2R trademark – over-engineering every part of each system, utilising the right materials and fittings to exceed the brief, thereby reducing the cost of ownership for the life of the product.

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